Press Release October 8, 2015

Press Release Oct


Press Release

October 8, 2015

Arakan Army is deeply concern at the unfounded allegation from the CHTIMES24 on October 5, 2015 that the Arakan Army committed extortion, robbery, looting, terrorism, smuggling, kidnapping, crimes in Chittagong Hill Tracts. We strongly reject such groundless accusations against Arakan Army, and we suspect that credibility of newspaper is questionable.

The Arakan Army has never been involved in such activities nor will engage in any wrongdoing behaviors as the Arakan Army is well trained to uphold moral obligation and principles to protect the people of Arakan and its neighboring as well.

We have also learnt some news reports earlier, accused of the Arakan Army as criminals and illegal traffickers, we believe such unreasonable accusations would neither benefit nor address to the people of Bangladesh and government’s policy as well. It only undermines credibility of the Arakan Army and appease the Burmese authoritarian military regime.

We, the Arakan Army condemn such criminal acts against civilians, and we will never hesitate to cooperate with any organizations or governments to combat against these criminals. We request the government of Bangladesh to investigate into the CHTIMES24 October 5, 2015 claims against Arakan Army and bring culprits to the justice.

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