Press Released No. 13/2016


United League of Arakan (ULA)/Arakan Army (AA)

Press Released
No. 13/2016

20 October 2016

It is assumed that the government performance and action in responding to the incident of the assaults in Maungdaw, Northern Arakan, on 9 October 2016 in which a number of weapons from the Burmese government’s Kyikanpyin Border Guard Police (Number One) Headquarters, Kotankauk Police Outpost, and Ngakhura Local Police Office were seized and policemen were slaughtered by the Jihad killing of the savage Bengali Muslim terrorists with swords, cudgels and guns are ineffective and weak credibility.

Behind these raids, it is clearly seen that a diversionary trick has been playing to get political gain from the people of Arakan and to distract attention from the Burmese army’s using fighter jets, shelling heavy artilleries and violations of human rights in attacks in the Kachin and Northern part of Shan State to the problem of Bengali terrorists. Besides, numbers of the native Arakanese peoples who have been driving out of their homeland to leave their properties and possessions are steadily increasing day by day because of the direct threats from the oppression and enslavement of the Burmese rule, the consolidation of the Burmanization process and the exploitation of natural resources in addition to the rampage of the Bengali Islamic fundamentalist militants in Northern Arakan. Such a phenomenon is occurring not only in Arakan but in all ethnic territories.

The bordered area of the Northern Arakan and other cities including Rangoon are now suffering adverse effects as a result of Arakan’s bordering with the population explosion of Bangladesh, the excessive entering of illegal Bengali immigrants into Arakan for decades, and the neglect of the successive Burmese regimes to the Bengali’s intrusion and territorial expansion. Under the misrule and mismanagement of the Burmese regime that had failed to protect life and property of its people, indigenous peoples have been living without any feeling of security in their own territories. Furthermore, the elected NLD government is also the same as the previous military regimes that had never tried to solve the country’s problems by proper ways but use these problems as their political stratagem and trump card.

We should be aware of the consequences that there will become great territorial losses and threats to national sovereignty in the future because the Burmese government, army and police forces are implementing unnecessary tasks, the evacuation of civilians by helicopters just for show and propaganda, instead of providing full protection to secure villages and people living in Maungdaw Township. On the other hand, we doubt that the Burmese army is intentionally instigating to become this crisis. Therefore, the Burmese government and people of Arakan are humbly informed that the ULA/AA is ready for the security of people of Arakan and villages and national territory of Arakan if the Burmese government, army and police are incapable of providing effective and efficient protection for Arakan and its people.

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