Released Statement No-5/2016

United League of Arakan (ULA)

Released Statement


20 April 2016

Persecution against ethnic minorities committed by the Burmese military government and its armed forces have continued for more than a half century until the present. The military abuse in remote ethnic areas that remain virtually unknown because of severe restrictions imposed by the Burmese Army. The persecutions have been systematic and widespread, and the forms include extra-judicial killings, torture, and other forms of violence, arbitrary arrests, and detentions.

Burmese Army has subjected civilians to executions, torture, human-shields and rape of ethnic women during the conflicts. The widespread violence, part of a vicious counterinsurgency campaign that amounts to war crimes and crimes against humanity, has contributed to a looming humanitarian crisis, threatening to democracy roadmap and peace in Burma.

Since the outbreak of war in February 2015 in the Rakhine state, it has reported to have been killed, tortured and arrested by the Burmese Army. Most of these casualties are caused by grave violations of human rights that constitute genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes. We remain deeply concerned that brutal Burmese armed forces continue to carry out widespread atrocities on a daily basis with impunity, including targeting civilians who are accused of being supporters of the Arakan Army.

We are grave concerned dramatic rise in unchecked violence against civilians in most recent war in April 16, 2016, when the Burmese Army launched an aggressive military campaign against the Arakan Army who has been struggling for self-determination, democracy and national equality and freedom.

In chilling accounts, witnesses and victims described how the armed force forcedly displaced entire villages and destroyed, beatings with the barrel of a gun, executions, gun rape, looting and the burning of their homes. Yet, NLD led civilian government seems to be maintaining a conspiracy of silence around these crimes.

We United League of Arakan (ULA) demand the Burmese government to investigate these abuses by the military force, identify specific unites involved, and takes effective measures to bring those responsible to justice, and immediately cease all attacks, violence, persecution, and all forms of human rights violations against minorities, in particular civilians, conducted by the Burmese armed forces.

We also urge to the United Nations and international governments to condemn the Burmese Army, publicly call on government to investigate crimes in ethnic areas, demand that military officials are held accountable, and make all efforts to restore rule of law, justice until end of war crimes in Burma.


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