Statement in response to Union Minister for Defense Lt-Gen Sein Win’s explanation

United League of Arakan (ULA)/Arakan Army (AA)

Statement in response to

Union Minister for Defense Lt-Gen Sein Win’s explanation


5 May 2016


We have learnt the explanation of the Union Minister for Defense Lt-Gen Sein Win in response to the proposal submitted by U Wai Sein Aung, an Arakan National Party Amyotha Hluttaw MP for Rakhine’s No.1 constituency.

The stand of the ULA/AA and its call for the national rights and proposal for the national reconciliation were merely recorded and denied by the Amyotha Hluttaw which motto is ‘People’s voice is Hluttaw’s voice; People’s desire is Hluttaw’s desire’. It ignored people’s real voice, desire and efforts. The Union Minister not only prohibited the efforts of the ethnic people who want national reconciliation and also gave subjective explanation in contrary to the hope of 21st century Pang Long agreement and the policy of the current government which claims to build up Federal Union and ethnic unity. We also believe that it is such an inappropriate decision.

Speaking in such a way will cause serious hindrance to achieve national reconciliation and it won’t be productive in the long term to demand our ethnic rights in the parliament which was based in the 2008 Constitution in Myanmar and also oppose to the practice of Democracy. Such an open threat posing by the Myanmar Army in the Amyotha Hluttaw is like forcing Rakhaing people to walk the path of armed revolution and pushing away from the Union.

On the other hand, we want Pyi Htaung Su Hluttaw including the legislative branch, the executive branch and the judicial branch to know that the clashes in the Rakhine region are happening not because the Arakan Army is attacking to the Myanmar Army but the other way round. Till present, the Myanmar Army is increasing its armed forces day by day which create more clashes.

Furthermore, the Myanmar Army continues torturing and killing to the innocent people without asking any question, using people as human shield and forced labour, taking villagers’ foods, properties and animals by force. The current government needs to prohibit such atrocities.

The root causes of the problems in Myanmar are based on the political conflicts and we want a political dialogue in order to solve those problems. Instead of solving such problems with political dialogue, using heavy forces to annihilate us and speaking about abandoning arms are just the old methods of the previous military regime and their unchanging irresponsible talks and tactics.


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