Arakan Battle News(26,January,2019)

26 January 2019

The Myanmar military have been firing heavy artilleriestowards civilian villages in everyday at day and nighttime and they have continued the air strikes in some days, despite the fact that there have been no clasheson the ground between the Arakan Army and the Burmese armed forces on 23rd, 24th and 25th of January 2019. 

On 22nd of January 2019 at 11.55 am and 14.00 pm, the Myanmar military have carried out the air strike assault with two military helicopters, from which they have fired machine guns attacks, dropped bombs and launched rockets on Taung-Pro village and in the area of Northern ridge. 

On the same day, the Burmese armed forces have launched the air strike in the area among TharYarKone village, Kyauk-Pa-Lan village and near Oak-Ta-Lin creekas well as they have fired 105 mm heavy artilleries as many as 30 rounds. 

Therefore, on 22nd of January 2019 only the Myanmar military have dropped 12 bombs, launched 30 rockets and fired 105 mm heavy artillery not less than 30 rounds. 

On 23rd of January 2019, they have also fired heavy artillery shelling more than 20 rounds from Ta-Ron-Ai village. 

On 26th of January 2019, the Burmese war criminals intruded troops and the Arakan Army troops have clashed near Tha-Mee-Hla (New Village) in RaTheDaung township of Arakan at 9.42 am. During 30 minutes fighting, 20 Burmese soldiers were killed and some got injured. 

As a result of heavy losses and casualties, the Myanmar military have fired heavy artillery and rifle assaults targeting Tha-Mee-Hla village and civilians according to a usual practice of the Burmese military tactics. Maung Naing Soe, 7 years old, son of U Kyaw Kyaw Naing, got hit by a piece of artillery shells that exploded inside the village. 

In addition, the Myanmar military have conducted the acts of war criminals in arresting male villagers from Tha-Mee-Hla village in the monastery and torturing them. 

After the Myanmar military have detained Maung Win Hlaing and Nyi Pu Chay, sons of U Maung Hla Phyu, they were released at 18.00 pm. At the moment, we are enquiring information about who other are being detained. 

The United League of Arakan/Arakan Army (ULA/AA) will submit a documented report about human rights violations, torturing innocent civilians and war crimes committed by the Burmese armed troops in Rakhine State to the ICC, UN Human Rights Council and other IGOs in coming April 2019.

Therefore, victims and civilians are requested to share with us information, evidences and statements about torture and war crimes of the Myanmar military. 

On the same day of 26th of January 2019 at 17.10 pm, the Arakan Army troops and the Burmese armed forces have again clashed in the area between Kone village and Kauk-Gree-Wa village. In this fighting, two Burmese soldiers have been killed and some got injured. Despite no casualties from our side, two Arakan Army soldiers got moderate injury. 

In addition, it is learnt that on 26th of January 2019 at 17.30 pm the Burmese troops have committed war crimes of grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions of 1949, which is the appropriation of civilians’ property from the villagers of ThaMeeHla village in RaTheDaung Township in Rakhine State, Myanmar. Those who have been looted by the Burmese troops and their amount of money are 15 million Kyats from U Aung Soe, 2.7 million Kyats from U Maung Thein Nu, gold jewelries from U Maung Lone and Daw PawNuThar, and gold jewelries from U Nyi Chay Win and Daw Yan Sann Nu.  

Battle news in Arakan will be updated on time.

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26 January 2019, Saturday

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