Battle news and Burmese Army’s War Crimes (Feb 1 and Feb 2, 2019)

In the evening around 6:30 PM in February 1st, 2019, a ten-minute long fighting between Arakan Army and Burmese Army broke out near Kharu Chaung village and Ragaung Chaung village in Rathedaung Township.

The following morning from 8:47 AM to 10:42 AM in February 2nd, another exchange of fire broke out near Kyauk Tan village and Reboat village in Rathedaung Township. The Burmese army suffered great casualties during the fighting and Arakan army was able to seize arms and ammunitions from battalion (566) of the Burmese Army.

In addition, Arakan Army also captured their ration including bags of rice, beans and Shwe Phe Oo tea sachets at one-kilometer distance from southwest of Pa Ka Wa village in Paletwa Township. During the past few months, Arakan Army seized their rations three times excluding this.

After intersecting the ration support lines of the Burmese Army, we have found that the Burmese Army intimidated and forced the villagers to transport rations from the Pa Ka Wa villagers and Mwe Hlaing Wa villagers to their supply lines. On humanitarian grounds, we have let the villagers go unharmed, after stopping the rations from going over to the Burmese Army.

The Burmese Army has been witnessed to have committed war crimes for they have used civilians to transport rations for their supply. They made use of the civilians to find ways on their military routes while using the civilians as human shields from attack.

A clear evidence happened on 2 February when they took away and used as human shields three people from Kyauk Tan village, Rathedaung Township, namely (1) U Kyaw Sein Than (aged 51) (2) Maung Lone Shay (aged 30) (3) Maung Than Hlaing (aged 32). Eyewitnesses gave confirmation that a Burmese convoy of about 70 troops took them away towards “Hlaing Gwan Gyi” creek.

Arakan Army encourages the human rights documenters to keep vigilant about the Burmese Army’s war crimes during these days so that they can be reported to international human rights watch groups.



2 Febauary 2019

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